How can I download Option 5 Data update file I purchased?
QuickLOAD Data Update Steps

Data Update Steps:

  1. When you order this data update – You will get a download link with your order – which is a zip file – download to your computer
  2. Exit Quickload ( make sure its not running in the background)
  3. Extract Zip File you downloaded onto your desktop
  4. This is a DATA UPDATE. This will not update your version of QuickLoad. It will only update the data in the bullet, powder and cartridge files on your QuickLoad program.

QuickLOAD Data Update Steps Video Guide


QuickLoad is a Windows based program – however for MAC users there are options

1. Parellels Windows Desktop for Mac web address here

2. VMware Windows for MAC web address here

3. Apple Boot Camp web address here


All information in this article

QuickLoad runs on Windows 10

QuickLoad is supplied on a CD and is not available for download

CD drive required – if you dont have a CD drive check here